Hi there.

The information about the CVS modules on the web is this bit

(from http://www.gimp.org/devel_cvs.html )
 The avalable modules relating to gimp are are:

gimp2 (no code here, just holding place for ideas)
gegl (experimental code for gimp 2.0)
There are also several branches in the GIMP cvs tree: the main or HEAD branch is GIMP 1.3 (the development version), the old GIMP 1.0.x is in gimp-1-0, the stable version GIMP 1.2 is in gimp-1-2; and there are a few other experimental branches such as the HOLLYWOOD branch for deep image support.

To check out a branch, gimp-1-2 for example, try this commmand line:

cvs -z3 co -r gimp-1-2 gimp
I know from at least gimp-gap and gimp-perl more, maybe there are a couple I have not heard about.

Possibly tehre is a fair easy way to know about the modules using
CVS itself. But by knowledge on CVS is close to zero. :-(
sorry about that.


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