[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-26 at 0944.01 +0100):
> (Well, contrast enhancement would be more like a sigmoid
> function -- what you describe here is basically gamma adjustment
> for a fixed gamma value.)

And the best of all, there are tools to do all this, no need of typing
formulas. Formulas are fine for experimenting or really corner cases,
but dunno why a simple contrast has to be done with a formula
(specially if that contrast operation can be run in more optimized

> I think that what GSR is really asking for in effect layers
> is stuff like 'blur layers', 'pixelize layers', etc, which
> basically is what everyone really wants. :)  These require
> a decorrelation between the positions of pixels of different
> drawables though -- I made a working prototype of this
> during 1.1.x and it wasn't pretty.

For single pix effects it should be easier, cos it would be like what
is now, just call something with result of layers below as input, and
merge back using white and black of the effect layer as modulator.

I ask for what you say, but depending on the kind of commands allowed,
there are one or other restrictions. Of course, for effective usage,
due some commands working in drawables, you would have to pass a big
block of pixels anyway. It all depends in where it is plugged and what
functions are allowed.

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