[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-26 at 0201.25 -0300):
> My  idea is that in the end,  the custom layer formulas get recorded 
> in a gimp directory, just like brushes and patterns. So, a set 
> ofrather itneresting formulas would be shipped with the Gimp (or with 
> the patch). That would provide alone could provide a lot of 
> functionality.

You should check math map plugin (the more I think, the more I believe
it is your formula idea), btw. And then that is where my suggestion
comes into effect, it would be just a "run math map" case of the
generic solution.

> I don't get exactly what is your idea. I will probably, in the end
> make a gimp_custom_layer_set_mode (drawable, custom_layer_formula);
> where custom layer formula is a string exactly like the one taht would 
> be typed on the interface.

gimp_custom_layer_set_mode (drawable, function_to_call,
params_for_it). If function to call is math map, one of the params
will be a formula. Difference? It can be used to call levels, or blur
or whatever.

Usage examples:


- User paints a white to black gradient, for example radial, to make a
  tunnel effect.

- Sets mode to run command.

- Command selector appears, he chooses blur.

- Result he gets is blur applied as by the white and black, like a
  selection. If some layer below changes, blur is recalculated. He
  will be able to move layers, repaint them, whatever, and blur will
  work on that.


- User paints another gradient, this time linear.

- Sets run command for the layer mode.

- Selects levels as command.

- Plays with values, and hits ok.

- Levels is applied to layers below, following the white and black as
  selection mask.

- User realizes the levels are a bit wrong, chooses settings option,
  changes values to something else.

- User sees a tree does not require the effect at all, so he paints
  with black in the effect layer the area occupied by the tree. He
  will be able to change his decission as needed.


- Same init steps.

- Chooses math map.

- Types formula.

- Formula is applied.

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