Guys and gals,

Would people please simply think a bit about the tone of their
emails before posting?

It seems that gimp-developer is increasingly perceived as a
hostile, rude, or elitist mailing list, and some small effort
on the part of posters would help to alleviate this enormously.
Making GIMP's development communication environment more
friendly is the key first step to winning more developers.
(IMO #gimp has largely lost the battle already, and I'd hate
to see the mailing list fall.)

Conversely, it would help if people were also slower to take
offense.  :)   It's easy to forget that many if not most of
the people here are not native English speakers and might not
be able to easily gauge how antagonistic their posts
consistantly sound (I've met some of the worse offenders and
they're generally not at all antagonistic people :)).

Kind regards,
Adam D. Moss   . ,,^^   [EMAIL PROTECTED]   co:3
"I am NOT a nut!  I am the keeper of the seven universal truths!"

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