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> Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 09:41:49 -0400
> From: Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] Manners.
> Adam D. Moss wrote:
> > Guys and gals,
> >
> > Would people please simply think a bit about the tone of their
> > emails before posting?
> >
> > It seems that gimp-developer is increasingly perceived as a
> > hostile, rude, or elitist mailing list, and some small effort
> > on the part of posters would help to alleviate this enormously.
> > Making GIMP's development communication environment more
> > friendly is the key first step to winning more developers.
> > (IMO #gimp has largely lost the battle already, and I'd hate
> > to see the mailing list fall.)
> >
> > Conversely, it would help if people were also slower to take
> > offense.  :)   It's easy to forget that many if not most of
> > the people here are not native English speakers and might not
> > be able to easily gauge how antagonistic their posts
> > consistantly sound (I've met some of the worse offenders and
> > they're generally not at all antagonistic people :)).
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > --Adam
> i dunno, this is sort of what keeps me reading it.

saying that people are clueless merely because their area of interst or
expertise does not match yours is not good.  give people some benefit of
the doubt.

users may make reactionary complaints such as that things are not the same
as photoshop or other complaints.  they may be wrong but calmly
explaininig why things are done different or pointing out that the project
is run by volunteers and something a little more polite than 'you get what
you pay for' will have the same result.

I may not explain things well but if asked to explain further I will do my
best.  Calling me clueless is not funny, nor is it true I have used the
GIMP more than any other Open source application I can think of (thanks
Tor for the windows port) and it was a big factor in my using open source

aside from mspaint i cannot think of an image editing program I have used
more than the GIMP.

> this list has been rude, over-reactive and jumpy for a very long time.
>  gimp also works really well, for the most part.
> Adam: define rude.

disagreement is fine, disagreeing without some how backing up your point
of view is usually just unhelpful noise, unhelpful criticism.

I often forget that most of you dont have English as your first language
and will try and keep that in mind in future.

Notice that despite my being very annoyed rather than flaming back and
criticising his spelling :P i pointed out that I was offended and tried to
leave it at that.

The problem is that if someone gets a harsh reaction on their first post
they wont stick around to find out that it was a joke or that no offence
was intended.

The GIMP is too important to the community for me not to at least try to
do something about the problems I see.

We are all strangers, despite the level of familiarity email and the
internet provides it helps to keep that in mind


Alan Horkan.

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