I am getting a little confused by some of the statements made in this 
and earlier threads.

What it comes down to, I guess, is that Daniel and Mel had a clear 
vision of the style of the new user documentation, but I somehow 
missed an explanation of that vision.

In an earlier thread, Daniel wrote: "we're not too happy
with the content and the structure of the GUMP". I take it you meant 
the GIMP documentation? Why are you not too happy about the content 
and the structure? 

You also talked about granularity. Apparently, part of your idea of a 
GIMP documentation style is that help pages should be of similar 
size. Could you elaborate about that? Is that what you mean with 

>From what I understand, you want to give authors for a certain 
language a certain freedom of what and how much they write on any 
given topic. Doesn't this collide with your goal of having a set size 

branko collin
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