On 19 Aug 2003 14:01:12 +0200, Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Am Die, 2003-08-19 um 12.19 schrieb Branko Collin:
> > In an earlier thread, Daniel wrote: "we're not too happy
> > with the content and the structure of the GUMP". I take it you meant 
> > the GIMP documentation?
> GUM is the GIMP User Manual, so yes.
> > Why are you not too happy about the content and the structure?
> It is too anarchic in its sructural layout and Mel didn't like the
> language at all. What we imagined was more like a modern manual (in both
> content and layout) leveraging all possibilities of modern tools without
> the fear to break anything existant (ie. the helpbrowser).

Now I am confused.  I thought that we were talking about the online help
system, not about the manual (GUM).  It looks like you consider both of
them to be the same thing.  Is that right?

I thought that the online help would be something that is focused on
explaining individual functions, i.e. one page for each feature.  If I
understood you correctly, you would like to merge these functional
descriptions with something that is more like a tutorial.

For the "online help" part (the part that is called directly by the GIMP
when the user invokes the context help), I do not see any need to allow
anything else than a one-to-one mapping between the English version and
the translations.  That's why I did not understand some of your previous
arguments.  But if you want to merge this with a "tutorial" part, then
it could make sense to allow a bit more freedom for the translators.

I think that too many people are confused now.  Daniel, it would be nice
if you start a new thread with a message explaining what are the plans
for the new help system.  I would like to know what are the goals,
non-goals and the proposed implementation.  Note that these goals do not
necessarily have to be discussed: it would be fine for me if you said:
"I am going to do it like that or not at all."  But at least these ideas
should be summarized in a clear way, to avoid future confusion about the
plans for the help system.

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