Sometimes, when I get bored, I start scouring forums on the net for 
GIMP related chat. Of course, it's extra double plus fun to search's forums for talk of the GIMP. Most of it is talk about 
GIMP-print, of course.


So, did you guys know that Disney considered using the GIMP and/or 
Cinepaint, but instead paid some coders to make sure PS runs in WINE?


>From the article: 

(start quote)

Although Brooks [Jack Brooks, director of technology at Walt Disney 
Feature Animation--ed.] considered and even tried to use several open-
source alternatives, including GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation 
Program (see related story), and Cinepaint (formerly FilmGimp), he 
said he ran into performance issues with the two programs. Artists 
also found the open-source programs less intuitive to use than 

And while Photoshop is the program of choice among Disney's artist 
base, Disney is keeping an eye on Cinepaint and is even using the 
program in a few cases, Brooks said.

"There's this whole artistic community built around Photoshop, and we 
couldn't easily move these people to free alternatives," Brooks said. 
"[But] we hope [Cinepaint] will get to the point where we can use it 
for more tasks."

(end quote)

Perhaps somebody should call Jack Brooks and see if Disney can put 
resources in GIMP's and GEGL's development?


Apparently, Adobe is ready to release PS 8 any time now. Some 
discussion was going on in the forums if speculation about the 
release date and feature set of this version; would that not play 
into the hands of the competition. No, somebody thought, the major 
competitors, GIMP, PSP, probably were the first to know these things. 


About developers listening to users: 

User: I'm a 3d Character artist. I build and paint 3d characters, and 
something I want is a way to paint in realtime onto my models. I know 
that there are other third party solutions for this, but photoshop is 
the best thing to paint with. I've seen it done with the GIMP, but 
there's no way I'm using linux. What are the technical limitations to 
this? If it's an OS problem, I personally have contacts at Microsoft 
who i've talked to about this problem and they seemed interested in 
it but there's nowhere to go without some Adobe input.

Developer: The limitation is some sort of standard support from the 
3D applications. If they want to work with Adobe, we'll work with 

User: Is there anyone at Adobe in particular that would be the person 
to get in contact with? If I could get a Alias or Discreet rep 
interested, who would I point them to? 

Developer: Probably me, and I'll forward them to marketing to see if 
they're really interested. In the meantime we can start discussing 
what's needed in an API to do this. 

(I would have replied that you don't need Linux to use the GIMP, but 
you need to register, and I'd feel silly doing that as I am not using 
PS myself.)

branko collin
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