On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 00:33, Daniel Rogers wrote:

> if you are missing .po files, just touch them (eg $ touch 
> po/missing-po-file.po) and you can build without the translations (po 
> files contain translatiosn of text in the gimp).  I mentioned this 
> problem on IRC.  carol straightened me out.  If I felt braver, I would 
> commit those files empty files to the gimp so that other peoples builds 
> would work (though it would propably be better to remove support for 
> that language).
> ley.edu

The correct fix is to remove the offending language from ALL_LINGUAS in
configure.in. Since gimp, unlike most other projects, has multiple
translation domains, it happens quite frequently that a translators adds
only a single po file for a new language and adds the new language to
ALL_LINGUAS even though there are po files missing in po-libgimp,
po-plug-ins and po-script-fu. This happened 2003-08-22 but Yosh removed
the offending language from configure.in on the same day so I doubt that
this was causing the problem for you. I have sent mail to the translator
who broke the build explaining the situation and pointing him at


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