Ok, for startting:

Closing paths should definitely be a matter of one click 
starightforward thing.

So it must be doable on the default "extending mode" without any extra 
modifier key. I know you have beiong strugling with it - the previous 
ctrl_alt_shift_click, and the current ctrl + drag show you have being 
trying around.

However, while I think the ctrl+click+drag as it is could be usable, 
it gives margin to gratuitous undefensable gimp bashing to whoever is 
learning it.

So here is my proposes solution: your "mode 2" add-insert point is not 
too feature loaded. It works correctly, I'd propose that in this mode 
it would be possible to extend the path, just as in mode 1. I mean, 
when one clicks in apont not already ona  node or on a segment, that 
a new node would be created there.
And, on this (insert/delete) node:
         if one clicks on an existing node, wihtout a modifier for deleting:
                 if the current curve is open, then 
                        it would close the current curve on  that node. 
                        if that node already had two segments going out
                                add a new node overlapping it, with the same 

the mode extend/move could stay as it is. The ability to add new nodes 
when clicking outside the curve would be avaliable on both this mode 
and the add/isnert, but I don't think that would be a problem. If it 
becomes a problem, them leave this mode to move only, and let 
extending the path up to the insert delete mode.

In any case, the default mode should become the insert/delete (now a 
insert/extend/delete) mode.

Please, give this a serious though ... I think the ability to 
straightforward closing a curve segement is worth it.

A different issue is:

On the MOVE mode, if there is a node with the handles collapsed, they 
won't come out unless you grab and bend one segment that connects to 
that node. However, clicking on a node, holding shift, and dragging 
is "unused"- I mean, it has got the same behaviour than clicking and 
draggin without shift. Therefore, I suggest that shift clicking on a 
node with collapsed handles and dragging become equivalent to 
shift-click on a handle of that node. 

Shift click on the "move/stroke mode" is yet unnused. I suppose you 
will link that to stroking, as it is on the mode name.

I think that is it for now.
I think that it is obvious, but since I am writting I will mention 
that there seens to be no way of currently making the GIMP redisplay 
a vector once it is hidden. I will assume you are working on that.

Another issue is that, as in the 1.2 series, maybe even worse, working 
wirth vectors leave dirty pixels everywere on the image, until it is 
refreshed. It is of nearly ultimate importance that this doesn't 
happen in gimp 2.0 final. Mark those tiles as dirt with no mercy.  

Also I hope you are aware that selecting another vector on the paths 
toolbox is all but ignored by the editing tool right now.

Best regards,


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