Hi all,

Following the experience of the GNOME conferences, I think it
would be an idea to start looking now for dates and a site for the
GIMP conference next year. 

As we know from this year, this is probably not going to be a
huge event. There is the possibility of having it included in a
larger event (as it was this year) to reduce the organisation
costs (there are many such events, including the Rencontre
Mondial des Logiciels Libres in Brussels, or GUADEC, or any of
the dozen or so other hacker events around Europe, or indeed in
the US), or it could be a standalone event. 

As a standalone event, there would be a need for someone to 
organise facilities for perhaps 30 people (being optimistic), 
including network bandwidth, sleeping arrangements and conference 
room facilities.

As part of another event, it should really be co-ordinated by
someone who is already involved in organising the event (as it
was this year by Sven) - piggybacking on other people's hard work
isn't that cool. Of course, if we started hunting for a group who
would be happy to host our event, then that's great.

After that, we need to start thinking about sponsorship. A
co-ordinated effort among a group of people is definitely the
approach to take, I think. And it should start soon (as soon as
we have dates and a location). It would be nice to know a couple
of months in advance who is going to be there, who is having
their expenses covered, and to what extent.

I haven't thought about it any more than that, but I think that
we need to figure something out soon if we want to have a
conference next year. It's worth bearing in mind that Sven
proposed the CCC late last year as the location for the
conference - a good 8 or 9 months before it. But a minimal event
(with, say, 20 people and their laptops and hotel rooms using a
university lecture hall for conferences) could be organised
pretty quickly, and then the only (!) problem would be paying for
it all. 

First things first, though - when & where? Somewhere other than 
Berlin would be good, I think Sven & mitch would agree on that 
point :)

Looking at the provisional ideas we have, next May or June might
be a good time. Any ideas for locations or volunteers for


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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