> In the GIMP, while it is not possible to make such a ssue to the right=20
> mouse button, there could, and IMO should,  be a fast keystroke=20
> (mnemonic?) to swap BG and FG. It is great for a couple of fancy=20
> effects to be able to quicly switch between fg/bg without moving the=20
> cursor.

You mean like the hotkey 'x'? (its in the menu <Image>/Tools/Swap colors if you
want to change it to something else).  Or were you wanting yet-another-modifier
(control, shift, alt are already taken)?

> As for the eraser tool, it is currently the only of the paint tools=20
> that paints to transparency without the need to paint on the mask.=20

Not quite - the ColorErase mode of paintbrush/airbrush/pencil/clone/ink/bucket
tools will also remove alpha, though in a more selective way.

> > 13.) Remove the pressure mapping options from the tool settings and
> > add it to the 'Tool state' window, to remove unnecessary options
> > for users without a tablet;
> Better would be to think of a way of USING the pressure settings for=20
> those who do not have a tablet. Maybe the experience could be made=20
> with the mouse wheel, for instance, or a gauge dinamically controled=20
> by pressing left and right arrows while painting. I do not think that=20
> any of the tool settings is clutterd, even in 1.3 where most of them=20
> get a vertical scroll bar.

I agree here that they just take up space for someone without a tablet.  I
don't have a device that would allow such control (anything you can come up
with a mouse or keyboard is a mostly unsable hack) and I don't foresee
attaching one to my computer in the near future.

> > 14.) Add a pressure curve to the tool settings, to edit the
> > pressure and suppress values on the fly;
> Maybe you could elaborate on that. What exactly would t  be? A visible=20
> calibration curve for the pressure?

I think what is described is a work-around for those that don't have a pressure
device - something a of 'pressure gradient' that can be applied to the stroke. 
Other than size and hardness, its mostly covered with the 'use color from
gradient' (which should probably be renamed, since it uses Opacity too).  

Happy GIMPing,


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