I wrote a small but useful script that will scale an image to best fit
within a constrained size without affecting aspect ratio.  It's a simple
script, but I've found it quite useful as a component for other scripts,
and thought it might be useful in GIMP at large.  It's scheme right now,
but I could code it in C if you would like:


Also on that page is a templated images script, which is really, REALLY
basic at the moment, but basically allows you to easily create image-based
templates (think Print Shop).  Anyway, eventually I'm going to make this
into something which has the ability to intelligently search for pictures
to plug in, a better UI, and a UI for creating templates.  However, if
someone else was interested it might go a bit faster :)  I thought this
would be useful enough that some of the developer community might want to
be involved, so I posted here.

Anyway, let me know.


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