Jeff Trefftzs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi,
> I notice that I get lots of complaints about corrupt brush files when I
> try to load .gih files from gimp-1.2.x into 1.3.20.  Can somebody please
> point me to the right place to discover the difference between the
> gimp-1.2 .gih brushes and whatever the
> equivalent is in gimp-1.3.20?  I have a whole lot of brushes that I'd
> like to convert if only I knew how.

Hi Jeff,

The GIH format has changed shortly before the 1.2 release since it used
the (now obsolete) special pixmap brush file format (which has been
merged with the GBR gimp brush format).

Just open the failing brushes with <File>->Open and save them again.
The plug-in is still able to read these files and will save the new

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