I was thinking about a page with ressources for users who made
presentations about the GIMP. During my work on some presentation stuff
for the university, i thought, that it'll be usefull to get images
to demonstrate some atools.
But ... after thinking about this, i don't know if this idea is good.
I mean, most people invest work in her presentation stuff and i think,
that someone who wants to gather ressources from others, he has to ask.
For this reason, it might be better, to create a document in the WIKI
and append Links to docs, which will share other GIMPers for
presentation purposes. Others can append images as well, so that we can
demostrate some tools on this images. But this links has to be made by
the persons herselfs, which want share their stuff.

Maybe others can tell me her opinion about this idea. I would like to
share some docs and pictures for presentation purposes.

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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