On 25 Sep 2003, at 23:50, Roman Joost wrote:

> I was thinking about a page with ressources for users who made
> presentations about the GIMP. During my work on some presentation
> stuff for the university, i thought, that it'll be usefull to get
> images to demonstrate some atools.
> But ... after thinking about this, i don't know if this idea is good.
> I mean, most people invest work in her presentation stuff and i think,
> that someone who wants to gather ressources from others, he has to
> ask. For this reason, it might be better, to create a document in the
> WIKI and append Links to docs, which will share other GIMPers for
> presentation purposes. Others can append images as well, so that we
> can demostrate some tools on this images. But this links has to be
> made by the persons herselfs, which want share their stuff.
> Maybe others can tell me her opinion about this idea. I would like to
> share some docs and pictures for presentation purposes.

We could add a walk-through of features to the web site. This could 
even be turned into a presentation using Opera's presentation mode 
(<http://www.opera.com/support/tutorials/operashow/>, and 
<http://www.philburns.com/quickshow.html#examples> for a few 
examples). Then a presentation would both be useful to the visitor of 
the web site, and form a sort of default presentation that people 
could use to introduce others to the GIMP.

Of course, for that to work, GIMP would need to have a web site in 
the first place.

I seem to remember though, that somebody (Sven? Nomis?) already put a 
GIMP presentation on the web somewhere.

branko collin
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