Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 09:17:56 +0200
   From: David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   As any of you who have been following CVS know, we have been
   working towards a 2.0 pre1 release for the end of this month, and
   there are now very few blockers to that release left.

   However, there are more blockers than are going to be done in the
   next week. So we're going to have another release (1.3.21). This
   should come out sometime during the next week. And the 2.0 pre1
   release will be pushed back about 2 weeks, to (give or take) the
   15th of October.

Is anyone interested in writing a replacement Print plugin, preferably
on top of Gimp-Print 4.3, which is basically going alpha (it's still
officially development, but that's because of an OS X stopper not
related to the GIMP)?  A 4.2 plugin would also be of use, but it's
getting about time to move people to 4.3.

Currently (in the Gimp-Print source), the Print plugin is divided into
two components, libgimpprintui (which is a GTK1-based GUI library) and
the Print plugin itself (which contains all of the GIMP interface
code).  It should be possible to rewrite the libgimpprintui library
by itself with minimal (hopefully no) changes to the plugin.

I'm not much of a UI programmer (which is why the plugin UI is such a
mess), and this is really something I'd rather farm out to someone
else.  I'd like to keep ownership of libgimpprintui within Gimp-Print
at least for now, until the API is completely locked down for the next
release.  I'm certainly willing to maintain the interface into
libgimpprint (the Gimp-Print core) against any Gimp-Print API changes
that may happen until 4.4 or 5.0 (whichever we decide to name the next
stable release).

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