From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: 27 Sep 2003 21:23:51 +0200

   Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

   >    > And also, if it cannot be made possible to spread a image
   >    > over several pages and tile the results, as that would be
   >    > too much change, the possibility of making the printable
   >    > image larger than the printer printable area, and trimming
   >    > the print would be a nice thing for me at last.
   >    IIRC, there are enhancement requests for this in the gimp-print bug
   >    tracker at sourceforge.
   > The real problem is that we don't have a permanent maintainer for the
   > plugin, so there's nobody to implement RFE's against it or otherwise
   > improve the interface.

   As far as number of copies is concerned, this sounds more like a
   non-GUI feature. Well, of course it will need a GUI element but
   adding a single spinbutton shouldn't be a problem.

That's basically a spooler feature that should be passed through to
the GUI.

   BTW, if someone rewrites the print plug-in GUI, please consider not
   to use (lengthy) tooltips on each and every widget. This was
   probably done to improve useability but IMO it makes the plug-in
   user interface a nightmare to work with (or makes you disable

That's exactly why I did it.
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