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> Will you excuse me...but ..what CTRL-Y has to with REDO alltogether?

For better or worse, Ctrl-Y is the most frequently used shortcut for

> CTRL-Y?  Why not just stick with CTRL+R? Maybe to pick the worst of both 
> worlds? (Non standard shortcut + non mnemonic + change from GIMP 1.2 + 
> Have to use both hands to press)

Ctrl-Y is the shortcut used by most Windows applications (except for
Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, using Ctrl-Shift-Z and Ctrl-Alt-Z) so it
is likely that most users will already be know it.  If we consider the
applications for Linux or UNIX-like systems, then we find Mozilla that
is also using Ctrl-Y.  I discovered several others in the meantime,
such as the mail client that I am using right now (sylpheed).

As I have argued earlier, we should try to promote consistency with
other applications whenever possible, because the majority of GIMP
users are not using the GIMP frequently and it will be easier for them
to remember shortcuts (or any other way to perform a given task) if
they can re-use their knowledge from other applications.  This is more
important than trying to keep the same shortcuts as in previous
versions of the GIMP, especially because the experienced users like
you and me can rebind them easily.

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