Hi all,

The next release in the development series of the GIMP, version
1.3.21, is now available for download from


or from one of the mirrors listed at http://gimp.org/download.html

This is an extra unstable release before we officially go into
pre-release mode, because there are still some outstanding API changes
to make for plug-in authors which we would like to set in stone for the
2.x series.

This is the most stable development release we have had to date, and
there are also a few very nice features which have been added since the
last release. So tell your friends, get testing, and keep those bug
reports coming in to http://bugzilla.gnome.org.

Happy GIMPing,

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.21
- Allow to save tool options as named presets [Mitch].
- Stroke paths using libart [Simon, Bolsh, Mitch, Sven, Ville]
- Better looking and more accessible dockables [Mitch]
- Fixes for right-to-left rendering [Sven, Mitch]
- Rewritten webbrowser plug-in [Brix]
- Much improved path tool [Simon, Mitch]
- Export GIMP paths to SVG [Sven, Simon]
- Import SVG paths as GIMP paths [Sven, Simon]
- Added SVG file plug-in from librsvg and improved it [Sven]
- Store new vectors in XCF [Simon, Mitch]
- Allow to toggle visibility of paths in path list [Mitch]
- Move tool now also moves paths [Mitch]
- Some progress towards gimp-console, a gtk-less GIMP for batch mode [Mitch]
- Improved Decompose/Compose plug-ins [Alexey Dyachenko, Sven]
- More SIMD compositing code [Helvetix]
- Right mouse buttons now also cancels paint operations [Mitch]
- More internal code cleanup and documentation [Mitch, Sven]
- Documented libgimpmath [DindinX]
- Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors: 
  Adam D. Moss, Dom Lachowicz, Manish Singh, Jakub Steiner,
  Christian Neumair, Seth Burgess, Maurits Rijk, David Necas,
  Tor Lillqvist, Ville P├Ątsi

David Neary,
Lyon, France.

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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