Joao S. O. Bueno ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Thanks to the native SVG support!  :-)

I'd just like to point out, that most comments at slashdot are too
exaggerated (as usual). Let me get some facts straight:

1) The GIMP is not a SVG editing tool.
     We can just render SVG files to images, the vector information
     are lost, with the notable exception of Paths, which also lose
     some information, since the SVG paths irreversibly get converted to
     bezier paths.

2) The GIMP can not save complete images as SVG.
     Only Bezier paths can be exported in an SVG with non-fancy default
3) The GIMP does not really try to compete with Sodipodi.
     Naturally there are points where the scope of the GIMP and Sodipodi
     overlap, but right now we are only talking about a reimplementation
     of a tool that has been in the GIMP for ages. IMHO it would be
     feasible to have some features of Sodipodi in the GIMP also, but
     it will be a long way.

4) The GIMP uses librsvg in the SVG-plugin for rendering the SVG.
     In fact the Plugin originally was part of librsvg and got
     adopted by Sven into the Gimp after talking with the librsvg

I hope that this can clean up some confusion from the comments.


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