Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 3) The GIMP does not really try to compete with Sodipodi.
>      Naturally there are points where the scope of the GIMP and Sodipodi
>      overlap, but right now we are only talking about a reimplementation
>      of a tool that has been in the GIMP for ages. IMHO it would be
>      feasible to have some features of Sodipodi in the GIMP also, but
>      it will be a long way.

The main ppoint about adding SVG path import/export was to allow for
better integration with Sodipodi and other vector applications. The
new functionality allows you for example to create a graphics in an
vector application, export it as SVG, import it into GIMP and do some
pixel-manipulation to fine-tune the result. The fact that you get the
paths imported into GIMP should make this task easier since you can
for example use them to create selections.

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