Daniel Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This is good stuff.  I have been aware of these problems, and I am
> incorporating their solutions into the compositing core that will
> eventually become a part of gimp (gegl). What you are essentially
> describing is the Rec. 601 converstion from nonlinear RGB to
> nonlinear video luma, and then calculating the the correction
> factors on RGB by pulling out gamma correction on the non-linear
> RGB.

It seems you have been able to make sense out of what Piotr wrote. It
would be nice if you or Piotr would take the time to describe in more
detail what changes could be done to 1.3. I only have a vague idea of
what Piotr is talking about here but of course I am very interested in
incorporating his suggestions if they make sense. Patches would of
course be the preferred way of describing the suggested changes.

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