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> [...] I just wanted to let everyone 
> know that I've created another 16 custom brushes for GIMP (in 
> addition to the initial 16 I offered a few days ago). I would like 
> to create about 10-15 per day but I'm running out of "copyright-
> free" photo resources. I've already been to gimp-savvy. Does anyone 
> know of other resources where copyright-free or GPL'd photo's can be 
> found?.

> [...] If you are involved in the GIMP v1.3/2.0 project 
> (ie; the new GIMP), please feel free to include my custom brushes 
> (or any of my other offerings) with your work (they are GPL'd).

> http://www.tuxfiles.com/yourgimp/brushes/tuxfiles_brushes/


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