Hi Mitch,

Michael Natterer wrote:


> GtkWidget *
> gimp_dialog_new (const gchar    *title,
>                  const gchar    *role,
>                  GtkWidget      *parent,
>                  GtkDialogFlags  flags,
>                  GimpHelpFunc    help_func,
>                  const gchar    *help_id,
>                  ...);

This looks good to me.

> I'll start hacking this today but would like to get some ACKs or EEKs
> before I start porting the plug-ins (which have many many GimpDialogs).

One question... do you think it would be worthwhile to make the
API change, document what needs to be done to change from the old
API to the new, and then have a number of people work on porting
the plug-ins? Each plug-in in itself would probably be a small
job, but the lot of them might take you a while.

Would this be worthwhile? I would certainly do a few plug-ins,
are there others who would be able to help out here?


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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