After the frensh translation made the way into my gimp-help-2 sandbox,
Sven and Brix are pointed me to the current directory structure of the module.
In my current point of view, the current "help/C" directory is obsolete 
and should be replaced with a newer structure.

This is the actual structure. I made a "find ./ -type d" in the gimp-help-2
and removed the CVS directorys:


I recommend the following structure (gimp-help-2 is the top directory):

The "./src" directory contain all the sources, including XML files,
stylesheets and images.

I would suggest, that the generated html pages are going into a source
seperated directory which is html. I added the "se" directory which
isn't in the actual gimp-help-2, but scizzo is on it, to fill out the
directory with content in the future. The language dependend image files
(like screenshots) are going into seperated directories

I hope, that i didn't missed something specific. I'm looking forward to
hear opinions from all the gimpers.

Additionally, i want to inform you about the status of the gimp-help-2.
The gimp-help-2 document the current tools (except the color tools) in
german and france, as well as in mostly english. Unfortunately, the
english part is mostly undone and i hope, syngin will close the gaps :)
Alan Horkan is working on the gfig plugin, which is mostly written.
Scizzo  invested time, to update the structure of the documentation and
how the manual structure should look like when its done.

I think, that we will need a native english speaking person, who can
check over the docs. Okey.. people who checking the docs and help the
writers are always appreciated. 

I added a "whishlist" for users to the gimp wiki.  This would help us to
 stay focused on more important things which are needed by the users.

To sum up, thanks a lot for all the work which is now in the module and
people are working on. There is much work to do and i'm looking
forward to inform you with all the changes which are changed in the
next months.

Thanks and Greetings,
Roman Joost

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