So, one step ahead to finish the gimp-help-2 move into the new source
structure, which finishes the source tree move and add the frensh
translation and content from Julien and Raymond. 
Before i type in my last "cvs commit" i want to verify one exception of
my proposal: the image directory.

I want to suggest, that we move the image directory containing all the
png files into the html directory (where the generated html files are
after a "make") and leave the source images (*.XCF Files which are
mostly screenshots) in the /src/images directory as suggested.
That seems a bit more reasonable for me, because we're separating the
image sources from the normal "content" screenshots. Additionally, we
don't need to move them into the /html directory or wherever. Yeah,
we're saving one move! 

So, if no one are against this suggestion, i'll check them in as i
mentioned here. After that, i'll write a status mail of the actual sources.

Roman Joost

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