Hi all,

As those of you who follow bugzilla may have noticed, I have
started attacking bugs on the 2.0 milestone. It is now clear that
not all of these will be fixed before 2.0. We will need to
re-distribute the ones that will not be fixed among other
milestones, or close them.

As rough guidelines, anything that we hope to fix before 2.0
should stay on the 2.0 milestone. We should prioritise these, so
that when we want to release, they can be moved to the 2.0.1
milestone (reserved for things that really need fixing, but which
aren't going to be fixed for 2.0). 

Bugs which are important to fix should be addressed early in the
unstable release cycle, and should therefore be added to the 2.2
milestone. We will probably add milestones when we start on a 2.1
branch to further carve up these bugs. 

Anything which is a feature request and doesn't have an
identifiable owner should go to Future. I've thought about this, 
and there is a certain logic. Either the feature has an owner we
can hassel to do the feature, or no-one wants to do it. In that
case, there's no point adding it to a milestone closer than
Future, because it won't be done. When someone claims a feature
request and says they'll do it, it can then be added to a more
reasonable milestone.

Any bug against 1.0.x should be closed WONTFIX. 1.0.x is ancient

Any bug which has been in NEEDINFO for longer than 6 months
should be closed INCOMPLETE. The original author can then re-open
it if he considers the bug is still valid and he wants to add
more info.

Any bug which has not had a comment added for over a year should
be bumped to 2.2, and have a comment added asking what the status
is. If, in 6 months time, there are still no further comments,
the bug can be closed WONTFIX.

We are still working towards a 2.0 release before Christmas.
Looking at CVS, we are not that far away from it. I feel that the
pre-release cycle will throw up some surprises and that we will
have trouble getting to 2.0 that early, but that's another

There are now under 100 bugs on the 2.0 and 1.3.x milestones. I
would like to see that reduced to around 40, and I would also
like to see more than 3 or 4 people closing bugs. To get a 2.0
release soon will be a huge job, and Sven and mitch cannot carry
on doing all the bug fixing. If you have any free time at all,
please pick a bug and help out.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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