Hi all,

Following up from the mail last week discussing the date and
location of GIMPCon, here's the state of play on the various
possibilities discussed.

1) GUADEC: The GNOME crowd are delighted to have us, the guadec
planning committee are very eager, and are now planning a
graphics/multimedia stream for the conference. I am now on the
guadec-planning mailing list, and if we go to guadec I'll be
co-organising the graphics stream (I wonder why I asked for a
volunteer to do this...).

2) Lyon: We have been in contact with the university, and are
awaiting a response on what kind of facilities will be available,
and what dates suit them. This is looking pretty promising too.
The local LUG are prepared to help out and play host.

3) Dublin: Very little movement.

4) London: Idem.

5) Chemnitz: Idem.

So the situation as it is is that we should decide pretty quickly
where we want to have the conference. Does having it at GUADEC
pose any problems for anyone? Personally I think this is the best
option available to us, even if it will pose us some fundraising

For our part, it would be nice to see 2 or 3 papers presented by
GIMP people, and the organisers have asked whether it would be
possible to have GIMP demonstrations similar to the one that
jimmac did last year. The papers could be quite in-depth and
technical, given the nature of GUADEC, or could be more aimed
towards users and have a tutorial feel to them.

So - speak up. What do ye think? Are we going to GUADEC? Should I
continue exploring Lyon in case it doesn't work out? Are there
other possibilities?


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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