A couple of small issues noticed after installing Jernej's build of
GIMP 1.3.23 for Windows (Thanks!):

- The fontconfic configuration file isn't included. It should be as
<gimp-top>\etc\fonts\fonts.conf. Without this file no fonts are found
for the text tool to use. This is easy to fix, just put the file from
my fontconfig-2.2.1.zip there.

- The color proof display filter module isn't included. Building it
was a bit of a pain, as the header files in the LCMS ("Little CMS")
distribution lcms11.zip (www.littlecms.com) need some editing to be
useable. (Also, on my machine there was a much older version of
lcms.dll in the Windows System32 folder (presumably put there by some
misguided 3rd-party software installer at some point). It wasn't
useable anyway, as it didn't provide the cmsCreate_sRGBProfile entry
point, so I removed it.)

But anyway, I haven't gotten the color proof display filter to work
yet. I get a crash when trying to set a display filter if the
cdisplay_proof module is present. Possibly the lcms.dll in the
lcms11.zip file isn't suitable as such to be used from GIMP, but will
have to be rebuilt from source. Still debugging what's happening... I
am a bit confused about how it all hangs together and how this
g_type_module stuff works.

- The new wmf plug-in isn't included. Well, this is understandable, as
it requires the libwmf library, version 2.8.0 or later, for which
there isn't any ready-built Windows distribution. (At least, I
couldn't find one.) 

I did build the latest libwmf (2.8.1). It required some minor patches
to its source. But it's not installation-location-independent (like
for instance GTK and GIMP are). It looks for its fonts in a I location
fixed at build time. This is not acceptable on Windows. I need to fix
that, and submit patches to the libwmf maintainer.


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