Well, well, the source directory is completely updated and i suggest,
that you create a new gimp-help-2 sandbox first.

I added the frensh translation to the files and had to add my previous
changes (see document structure) most of
the modules, because the file structure of the frensh translations was rather old.
It is necessary to stay in sync with the gimp-help-2 HEAD and maybe
apply cvs patches to your local files to prevent this in the future.

Another point, which i figured out is the "mixed" language content in
the xml files. This is not a big problem, but i want to admit, that one
mistake in an xml file, will crash all the other languages in that file
(and even the hole manual). So, take care of editing the xml files
before you check them in. Maybe, we should break them into seperate
files in the future, because of the overhead of seperate languages.

The things which are todo for me now are: 
  1. add the generation of swedish content
  2. remove the entities
  3. add the XIncludes.

I'll remove the entities, which are mapping the german umlauts to the
correct unicode entity (if i'm right). If i understand Daniel correctly,
we should be able to write normal umlauts with a proper UTF-8 encoding.
It wasn't clear enough for me, when we discussed the UTF-8 issue on the
mailinglist. The problem is for me, that i cannot use XIncludes, when
the documents use "ö" to generate an german oe. What should we do

  1. switch completely to UTF-8, 
  2. use the proper unicode entities (eg. oe for ö) for printing
  umlauts and special language dependend characters?

The switch to UTF-8 was not recommended by Daniel, where he points out,
that this might break some asian language contributions (if there are
some, who wants to help). I suggest, that we don't switch to UTF-8 and
use the unicode entities to get a valid XML file.

Resulting changes:
1. xml sources are going now into 

  $GIMP-HELP-2/src (for XML sources)
  $GIMP-HELP-2/images (for image sources)
  and subdirectories.

  I think, we should use the structure of the documentation [1],
  which was setup by Niklas, to structure the source files. Okey, not
  deeply like the structure purposal, but likewise.
2. The frensh translation need some screenshots. I seperated the
  german-only shots in different directories, so i would suggest to put
  them in here:

  The binary images are going globally into:


  and its subdirectories.

3. I updated the README file, which has now the structure of the whole
  manual and the structure of a doc file. The frensh translators should
  adding some translations for the tool call of a dialog or tool.

4. I found some uncommented code in the frensh translation. It would be
  usefull, that the translator document somewhere, in which document he
  has uncommented code. We can use our WIKI for that. 

Okey, thats all what i have ...

Thanks to all authors for the good work and happy writing :)

[1] - http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/StructureOfTheDocumentation

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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