Shrinivas Kulkarni ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I really appreciate your quick response.
> About the other solution, that is to make GIMP running a background, I am
> aware of it. But I am not sure how I can call PDB functions from my program
> to a process that is running in background.
> Do you want to say that I should run GIMP from my application first and then
> call it's functionality thru PDB? I am sorry if I am making a foolish
> question here.

It is very hard for me to give you any advice, since you are very
reluctant with the details of what you are actually trying to do.

There are at least two methods to contact a running GIMP. Gimp-Perl has
a method of communicate to the main GIMP process, and there is a net-fu
server, where GIMP listens on a socket.

I don't have very much experience with that, so I cannot really help
here. It might also make sense for you to develop a small extension for
the GIMP, that establishes the communication between your application
and the GIMP.

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