On Tue, 9 Dec 2003 21:56:58 +0100, Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [...]  We always had the general approach to empower the GIMP
> user to do non-obvious stuff. Right now we don't discard RGB-information
> when A=0 in the core, and stuff like Anti-Erase usually just works good
> for power users.

Yes, but as you wrote yourself, this is for power users.  The
Anti-Erase mode is currently presented as an option in the Erase tool.
This would be rather different if it had been placed as a separate
tool in the toolbox.

> The new Alpha-to-mask feature you are complaining about
> in #127930 works and empowers users to handle Tribes2 textures.
> The point that you perceive this as an abuse of the PNG format is
> irrelevant: PNG does not discard the RGB information by itself, and
> there is no point in preventing our users to use it.

I think that in this case, the way this new feature for power users is
implemented and presented can be detrimental to the perception that
all other users have of the alpha channel.  Basically, this new
feature only works with the model "alpha = hiding", and this is wrong
in some cases.  It would be better for us to promote a different
model: "alpha=0 => gone (but you can use undo)" because this would
work better for most users.

If we have options for advanced users and hackers, then they should
not be presented among a set of other options without side-effects
(such as the other options in the mask creation dialog).

> > This is is why I was suggesting to remove the bug introduced by
> > #127930 before it makes it into a stable release,
> Let me emphasize this:
> A bug is not defined as "might lead to unexpected results when used in a
> very specific manner".

If the results are unexpected then yes, it is a bug.  This can be
solved by producing different (more correct) results, or by producing
the same results but making sure that they are expected, not
unexpected.  The second case could be related to UI bugs.  The
problems in the user interface and user interaction model should not
be ignored.

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