On Tuesday 16 December 2003 21:44, Patrick McFarland wrote:

> > I tried PS to see how it handles Alpha. I became quite
> > frustrated. Once I deleted a part of the image and saved and
> > reloaded it, I found *no* way of increasing the opacity of
> > partially transparent pixels, not to mention totally transparent
> > ones, except by painting. All adjustment tools had RGB but no A.
> > Maybe it's just that I'm missing something because I'm not
> > experienced with it but now I think that PS is not my kind of
> > program.
> GIMP is exactly the same way. I have no way of doing alpha only
> operations, except when hacking up the transparency mask. My
> suggestion above would fix this. Colors are RGB, and Alpha is
> altered through the transparency mask.

Curves Tool, 
It is the alpha manipulation per excellence, IMO.

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