At 10:18 12.12.03 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
>Hi Shrinivas,
>Shrinivas Kulkarni wrote:
>> Is there any help on steps to build GIMP 1.3.22 using MSVC++ 6.0?
>There are instructions on building the GIMP for windows in the wiki:
>, but that 
>article seems more oriented towards using gcc on either cygwin or msys.
>Perhaps Hans could comment on this - he seems to be the local MSVC++ 
>expert :) Despite a short search, I haven't been able to find something 
>more appropriate.
My usual response is to start reading glib/readme.win32

which tries to describe both succesful praticed ways to compile 
The Gimp (and depencies) on windoze. 

For further reading

may be of interest. Though it does not describe building The Gimp but Dia
with the msvc-approach, many of the hints there should be of general
interest cause both applications share most of the dependencies.

Note that I usually build almost all dependencies direct from cvs
and with 'uninstalled' but it should be quite straigtfoward to use
the developers packages provided by

adapt glib/build/win32/make.msc and glib/build/win32.module.defs
to your local installation. IIRC this is what Steffen does for
his Dia build.

Please report files missing in the tar.gz packages so this can
be fixed for the next distribution.

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