After a quick discussion with mitch and Sven in the IRC, i've some new
ideas and TODOs for the gimp-help-2 to submit. I added these terms to
the WIKI. Sorry for beeing a bit late, but the week is a bit stressful.

  1. Renaming of the current XML files, that the corresponding help ids:
  app/widgets/gimphelp-ids.h.  This is mostly done by me. I'll check the
  changes in as soon as possible.

  2. Adding XML files for all the other help ids, especially for the
  plugins. This would help the gimp developers to test the help browser.
  The content should look like the one in: src/not_yet_written.xml.
  The structure of each document should look like:
    a) a phrase like: "this document has not been written"
    b) author name
    c) plugin name, additional information, etc
    d) an email adress and a contact person, where a person can send as
    (plain) documentation 

  3. This item was not discussed on the IRC, but maybe an interesting
  thing to add: an example how to use a tool|documented item. This
  should look like eg. "How do you make a rectangular selection". By
  explaining this example step by step, i think, it'll make the life
  much easier for the user.

Additionally, i've an idea for making live a bit easier:

  We've now only a TODO list on the WIKI. Every gimp-help-2 developer
  can pick a term and solve it. This reminds me to bugzilla. Well, this
  implies, that someone feels responsible for his part on gimp-help-2
  (writing content or something else) and can use bugzilla. How do think
  other gimp-help-2 members about this? Maybe the project needs a bit
  more contributors, for making sense...

I updated the WIKI pages correspondingly to this mail.

Roman Joost

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