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I was updating part of my web site when I ran across some Script-Fu scripts. I decided it was time to test some of the scripts to see if the scripts would work with the 1.3 version of GIMP. The scripts didn't so I have started to update them. In the process I have a few questions. BTW, I am working

Is there a list somewhere of the changes in the API which affect Script-Fu scripts? In the days of GIMP 1.1.x there used to be a script which aided in the updating of Script-Fu scripts from the 1.0 API to the 1.1/1.2 API but I don't see one in the 1.3 CVS copy of GIMP.

I have updated several logo oriented scripts and have noticed that text is positioned differently between the 1.2 and 1.3 versions of GIMP. The text appears higher up in the image and further to the left in 1.3 compared to 1.2. Is this the result of a change to the API requiring a change to the coordinates used for the positioning of text or is there a bug(?) in the GIMP?

What happened to the parameter to the randomize plug-ins which allow you to say that the seed should be the system time? It is there in the 1.2 version of the GIMP but the 1.3 version of GIMP has no such parameter so it appears it can only used a fixed value as the seed. Unless there is some other way to get the system time to use as a seed value I think the extra parameter should be re-instated.

I can bugzilla some of the above if appropriate. I thought I would raise the issues here first.


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