hey all-

        (under Gimp 1.2)

        Can anyone tell me how to call gimp plugs from a batch/scripting
language when their PDB definitions list STRING for all of their values,
even when the variables are obviously FLOATS for script-fu plug-ins such
as script_fu_weave?

        I've tried feeding the plug-ins the float values directly, or
converting them to strings first, but not matter what I do the
image/drawable saves identical to the original or the script simply

        I could provide a full list of script-fu plug-ins that I'm seening this
problem with if it would help.

        Further, is it possible to access plug-ins such as GIMPressionist when
they have no variables listed at all by the PDB Explorer?

        I haven't checked the Gimp 2.0 pre-release to see if this is fixed, if
so I'm happy to just start using that for my batch processing.

Cheers in advance to any help anyone can provide...

-Steve Castellotti

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