"Steven M. Castellotti" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       Can anyone tell me how to call gimp plugs from a
> batch/scripting language when their PDB definitions list STRING for
> all of their values, even when the variables are obviously FLOATS
> for script-fu plug-ins such as script_fu_weave?

This looks like a bug in 1.2 then. As far as I can see the script
registers float values and that's what the DB Browser in gimp-1.3 is

>       Further, is it possible to access plug-ins such as
> GIMPressionist when they have no variables listed at all by the PDB
> Explorer?

This means that the plug-in doesn't provide a PDB interface to be used
non-interactively. Of course it would be nice if it did and we'd be
happy about a patch that implements this.

>       I haven't checked the Gimp 2.0 pre-release to see if this is
> fixed, if so I'm happy to just start using that for my batch
> processing.

We'd appreciate if you tried the 2.0 pre-releases for your batch
processing. Sooner or later you will have to switch anyway. If you
give it some testing right now, we can try to fix possible problems
even before 2.0 is out.


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