"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Actually, 0.75 is sometimes boring, when the whole image would fit in, 
> say, 90% of the screen, and it shows up zoomed out.
> regarding your specific question, it would not be nice if the GIMP 
> openned an image in a zoom factor that once changed could not get 
> easily reproduced. So the answer is (b).However, if you could make it 
> in a way that if the next bigger zoom ratio (in the 2^(1/2) steps you 
> use) would be no larger than 80% or maybe 85% of the screen it would 
> be the one used.
> On the other hand, I was not around when the choice for 75%  was made, 
> and there may be strong motives for that.

IIRC, 75% was choosen rather arbitrarily and I agree that it would
make sense to use 85% or even 90% instead and choose the closest sane
display ratio below.

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