Jeff Trefftzs ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I've been trying to port one of my scheme scripts to 2.0pre2 and have
> discovered what I think is a bug.  Before I battle with bugzilla, would
> someone try to reproduce it?

Not until you provide the script  :)

> Details:  my script adds a layer mask to a layer (this works), but when
> I attempt to make the layer mask the active channel, using
> gimp-image-set-active-channel I consistently get an error:
> ERROR: Procedural database execution failed:
>     (gimp_image_set_active_channel 2 9)

I think that this only refers to channels that are listed in the
channels dialog (not the RGB-Channels but the ones below).

Try the gimp-layer-set-edit-mask function. This seems the function
of choice in your case (I did not test it though).


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