Jeff Trefftzs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Gimp-2.0pre2:  I had a directory with 906 images in it but no up-to-date
> thumbnails, so I selected all (Ctl-A) in the Files list and clicked on
> the thumbnail pane to create the thumbs.  It began working away, but
> stalled at image 255 or 906.  I continued to hear a lot of disk
> activity, but no additional updates to the progress, and it locked my
> system up so that it no longer responded to mouse events, keyboard
> events, or even Ctl-Alt-Del.  I had to (horrors!) hit the reset button
> to force a reboot :(.  From the magic number (255), this looks to me
> like a bug in the thumbnail creation code -- possibly an artificial
> limit that's getting exceeded without warning.  
> Is this known, or should I hit bugzilla?

There is certainly no such limit in the thumbnail creation code and I
can not reproduce your problem. Since obviously your X server got
stuck or the kernel oopsed this is not likely to be a GIMP problem. If
however it is reproducable, you can of course file a bug report about

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