Gimp-2.0pre2:  I had a directory with 906 images in it but no up-to-date
thumbnails, so I selected all (Ctl-A) in the Files list and clicked on
the thumbnail pane to create the thumbs.  It began working away, but
stalled at image 255 or 906.  I continued to hear a lot of disk
activity, but no additional updates to the progress, and it locked my
system up so that it no longer responded to mouse events, keyboard
events, or even Ctl-Alt-Del.  I had to (horrors!) hit the reset button
to force a reboot :(.  From the magic number (255), this looks to me
like a bug in the thumbnail creation code -- possibly an artificial
limit that's getting exceeded without warning.  

Is this known, or should I hit bugzilla?



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