The GIMP project has been one of the headline Linux applications for over 5 years, since before the release of version 1.0 in 1998. It attained that project entirely through the work of volunteers, and apart from a short period around 1999/2000, has never had corporate financing to help its development.

In that time, it has continued to advance, and with the upcoming release of version 2.0, it should concrete its position as one of the major free applications.

An Open Source Award, aside from recognising the pedigree of the GIMP project, and the work of a large number of people over several years, would help the project move forward to fulfill its vision of a free, flexible and extensible image manipulation framework. One of the things which have slowed this progression are the costs associated with meeting up, and if the project were to win an award, the money would be spent on partly financing travel expenses for GIMP developers to a GIMP conference in June.

Because of its continued excellence and longstanding presence as a key free program, I think that the GIMP deserves an OSA.

Dave Neary.

Dave Neary

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