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Subject: announce gimp-gap-1.3.25

Hi all,

GIMP-GAP-1.3.25 prerelease is available at

GIMP-GAP is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP-2.0
that extends GIMP for creation of animations
based on a series of frame images.

GIMP-GAP is the next development step of the
Video Menu that once was part of gimp-1.2.

Here is a short overview whats new in GIMP-GAP-1.3.25:

 - new bluebox plug-in makes selected color transparent.

 - new features for the "MovePath" plug-in
   - animated perspective transformations
   - optional respect selected areas of the moving source object
     (with animated adjustable feather_radius)
   - integrated bluebox filter can be applied to the moving source object
   - tracelayer creation
     collects all scenes from start to current frame in one tracelayer.
   - tween processing for fast moving objects.
     collects scenes between 2 frames in the tweenlayer.
   - grab controlpoints from current GIMP-path
   - dynamic resize of the preview to follow current windowsize.
   - optional instant apply for the preview

 - playback for video frames to give a motionpreview
   in thumbnail quality.
   On linux the playback has audiosupport to play a wavefile
   synchron with the videoframes.

 - the onionskin plug-ins are now integrated to gimp-gap.
   onionskin layer(s) usually do show previous (or next) frame(s)
   of the video in the current frame.

 - new features in "frames to multilayer image" plug-in
   optional respect selection(s) in the sourceframes

 - new features in "frames modify" plug-in
   - new functions to
     set/delete/invert selection
     and set/delete/apply layermasks
     in all handled frames
 - renumber plug-in for renaming frames (on disk) 
   you can set a new starting number for the first frame
   and define how much digits (leading zeroes)
   to use for the framenumber part.
 - change framedensity
   useful for changing the framerate without changing the
   playback speed. duplicates frames to get higher density
   or deletes frames to reduce density.
 - render filename (or just the number part) to layer

 - support of the open thumbnail standard
   (thumbnailfiles in png fileformat in $HOME/.thumbnails
    that allows better quality than the old .xvpics thumbnail standard)
 - filtermacro scriptfiles
   assemble filtermacro scriptfiles by picking filtercalls from the
   current session and execute them later all together at one drawable.
 - gimp-gap now uses the preferences value save always/only on changes
   (gimprc keyword "trust-dirty-flag")
   for unconditional/conditional implicite save operations
   when stepping from frame to frame.

 - vcr-navigator internal changes
   (now handles unlimited number of frames)

 - some minor layout changes.

 - internal reorganisations/cleanup of the sourcecode
   including porting to new GIMP-2.0 and GTK+2.2 api.
 - Video Layer Plug-ins.
   those plug-ins do call GIMP-Tools in a way that automatic usage
   on layers in many frames (or filtering all layers of an image)
   becomes possible without writing scripts.

Wolfgang Hofer   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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