On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 12:49:21PM -0500, Kevin Cozens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> DB Browser should be consistent for one language even if its just the 
> "abstract PDB language". I don't think it should have different 'modes' to 
> have it show things depending on a user selectable plug-in language. That 
> would probably complicate things too much on the developer/documenter side. 
> I would think that making it consistent to Script-Fu (scheme) would be the 
> way to go.

(no objections form me)

> >       layer = gimp_layer_new (image,width,height,type,name,opacity,mode)
> >       layer = $image->layer_new (width,height,type,name,opacity,mode)
> I'm not sure what the difference is between Script-Fu and the "abstract PDB 
> language".

Constant names for one thing, I thought?

> The DB Browser should not include examples of the invocation of a given 
> function.

Well, I am sure it will not contain examples for a long time in the
future, but surely including examples in _any_ language, even if it's
not the one you are developing in, are extremely useful.

During normal development, examples are a hundred times better than lots
of prose, even if the synatx is from a (slightly) different language.

> given plug-in language. That should be considered beyond the scope of the 
> contents of DB Browser. Language specific information should be part of the 
> help system of the GIMP or more likely in external documentation.

It's called "user friendlyness". I don't ask anybody to add examples to
all the functions, but from a theoretic standpoint, having examples in the
function reference makes for a very usable interface, because you aren't
forced to look into different places for the same info.

[lots of other stuff removed that I agree with]

> I won't make any changes related to DB Browser information until it is 
> confirmed that changes are needed,
Personally, I don't think they are *necessary*, but I don't object them,
either. Not that my objection or agreement should weigh very much(!).

> general sense. ie. move things towards language X), and which files need to 
> be updated (ie. ones ending in .c or is it .pdb with the .c files generated 
> from that?).

AFAICR, most if not all of the pdb interface is created from the .pdb
files. At least the constant names, docs etc. are in there.

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