At 12:58 PM 02/02/2004, Marc Lehmann wrote:
Constant names for one thing, I thought?

Do you have any specific examples in mind I can look at to see what it shows. An idea of what you think it should show would also be useful.

During normal development, examples are a hundred times better than lots
of prose, even if the synatx is from a (slightly) different language.

True. However, other plug-ins/scripts can be the best examples of the syntax and use of the "functions" listed in DB Browser. Also, leaving out language specific examples keeps the information more generic, avoids unneeded bloating of the files which comprise the GIMP, and mean a little less work for the people that need to translate all the information in to other spoken/written languages.

> I won't make any changes related to DB Browser information until it is
> confirmed that changes are needed,

Personally, I don't think they are *necessary*, but I don't object them,
either. Not that my objection or agreement should weigh very much(!).

Perhaps not so it may not need to be done for 2.0 but some changes could be made such as ensuring the names of constants are shown where only numeric values are currently given for certain arguments.

AFAICR, most if not all of the pdb interface is created from the .pdb
files. At least the constant names, docs etc. are in there.

I got that impression when the ChangeLog indicated that a .pdb file was changed to removed the redundant code I recently reported in a .c file.


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