Sven Neumann wrote:

Comments off-list don't count. If people want to comment on this
subject, they should do it on the list. Everything else is just noise.

Maybe they should, but that doesn't mean that they will. It's a lot easier to drop an email to the person that you agree with, than to jump into a heated discussion. And maybe a simple agreement doesn't need to be read by the whole list.

For the record, I think that there's a middle ground. I understand
that people don't want an explicit timetable, and that the Gimp
development shouldn't be driven by deadlines. On the other hand,
if there was indeed a general agreement about the timing of the
next release, the original email very effectively pointed out the
implications of that choice.

(And I don't think that this added much to the discussion.)

David Hodson  --  this night wounds time

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