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You can certainly spread it around. I update the NEWS now, as
well as you. Anyone can do that. Same thing goes for making the
announcement on freshmeat, gnome-desktop, linuxartist... I can do
bugzilla tags.

Well, I am certainly not going to ask for this and so far I have
always waited about a day if someone else would post announcements on
gnomedesktop and other sites. But it seems that noone but me is
interested enough to post there, so I guess I will continue to do
that. After all I am interested in people trying the release when I've
gone through the trouble of doing one.

Perhaps people hesitate about this because they don't want to step in on what might be perceived as your territory?

If I understand correctly, you'd like to be able to have it announced on the mailing lists (as I do now), and then the people on the list make the announcement known in the places that are important to them. That seems reasonable, and I think that now that you have said so, this might well happen for the next release.

That looks like a reasonable time frame. I expect that we will have to
extend it a bit but that was the point of starting with a tight
schedule. What's missing now is some agreement on what we want to
achieve in 2.2 but I think we can as well delay this discussion until
2.0 is finally done.

That's one reason I didn't put any meat on the bones when I made this proposal. 2.0 is the priority right now. You're contradicting yourself a bit too - one of your complaints was that there was no meat on the propsal.

Anyway - I think we can agree to maintain a vaguer roadmap. I'd still like to think that we can be sensible about trying to keep to the things we say in it.


Dave Neary

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