On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 12:53:40AM -0800, Manish Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Oh sure, out of all the bindings, perl comes closest by far to full coverage.
> But iirc it doesn't wrap libgimpcolor, libgimpmath, some of libgimpwidgets,
> and libgimpthumb.

Ah yes, I haven't looked into the new stuff...

[hints for implementors, after looking into a slightly older 2.0
snapshot that I have on my disk:]

Most of libgimpcolor and libgimpmath is available in other perl modules
(using them directly would be rather slow in perl, using pdl is faster,
although the results might be subtly dfferent, of course. Wrapping these
into PDL interfaces would be best).

The way to wrap the remaining libgimpwidgets is to make them into real
gtk2 widgets with properties and signals. The way it is now, every
language interface has to reimplement the api, if they were written in the
same way as other libgtk2 widgets it would be as simple as calling the
register function and have everything available without extra C code. (as
I understand, at least the python gtk2 interface is working very similar
and would benefit automatically from this).

libgimpthumb would probably just need a few init calls to be called on
module init, although the design of combining an initialisation function
with setting parameters (gimp_thumb_init) might not have been the wisest
choice, but this could be handled in perl using "use Gimp:Thumb (MyApp
/basedir)", athough it's not clear how to handle multiple users of
Gimp::Thumb. Everything else is nicely wrapped into gtk enums and
properties there.

(Gimp::Thumb might become an extra module on CPAN, even, I see possible
uses in non-gimp-apps. Same is true for the other libgimp interfaces that
are not tied into the gimp protocol themselves).

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